The Research Solution can provide a range of services to help inform the development and marketing of your business at very competitive rates.

Research Products & Services:

We offer a full range of products to bring you the information you need. A sample of these include:

  • Quantify the economic impact of tourism in a local area - Economic impact modelling  

  • Quantify the economic impact of an event in an area - Event Impact Modelling

  • Segmentation modelling

  • Understand the lifestyles and life stages of visitors and potential visitors for future marketing plans - target the right people in the right way- Customer Profiling

  • Understand motivations and priorities influencing consumer behaviour - Brand Cluster Research
  • Business Confidence Surveys
  • Identify the profile and origin of visitors and understand visitor behaviour and expectations - Visitor Surveys
  • Asses the quality of service and levels of visitor satisfaction - Destination Benchmarking Surveys and Resident & Shopper Benchmarking
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of marketing vehicles and how much revenue they attract - Conversion Research

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