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Redevelopment Project

Dear Colleague,                                  

You may already be aware of proposals to redevelop the University of Birmingham's Lapworth Museum of Geology.  An initial Round 1 Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) application was successful which provided a development grant in order to progress the plans to a final HLF application in early 2014.  

The £2.7m redevelopment project will restore the core of the museum to its original Edwardian appearance whilst at the same time creating new contemporary galleries with innovative interpretive methods to improve the learning and visiting experience for all users. This will also increase access to one of the most important geological collections in the UK, provide dedicated teaching spaces and a temporary exhibition space to showcase cutting edge research linked to the museum collections.  

The Lapworth Project Team welcomes your views about the current museum and its proposed redevelopment and would therefore be very grateful if you could spend just a few minutes of your time to complete this questionnaire.

This survey is strictly confidential.  Please feel free to forward the link to others.

Many thanks,

Jon Clatworthy

Jon Clatworthy      
Director, Lapworth Museum of Geology

1. Which best describes your link with the University? (Please tick ONE response only)
2. Are you currently studying or working within the University's: (Please tick ONE response only)
2.a Which of these describe your interests in geology/ earth sciences/ natural history? (Please specify ALL reasons)
3. When did you last use/visit the Lapworth Museum? (Please tick ONE response only)
3.a Please can you tell me why you have not visited the Lapworth Museum before?
4. Approximately how often do you use/visit the Lapworth Museum?  (Please tick ONE response only)
5. What are your main reasons for using/visiting? (Please tick all relevant responses)
8. How satisfied are you when using/visiting the museum?
9. Would you recommend a visit to friends, family, or colleagues?
10. How do you know about the museum? (Please tick all that apply)
11. What is your overall level of interest in the museum subjects (such as fossils, geology, minerals, crystals, dinosaurs, historical archive material, etc.)?      
12. How interested would you be in the four main themes that we propose?
  a.  The evolution of life (history of life using evidence from     geological & fossil records            
  b.   Environment change (documenting the Midlands region         through the past 500 million years)            
  c.   Mineral wealth (highlighting exquisite minerals and crystals       and how they have been formed & used both in the Midlands & worldwide for industrial & technological development            
  d.   A collection for ‘learning and discovery’ (linking to  important discoveries and advances mad by Midlands people)            
13. Which of the following subjects/areas interest you?  (Please tick ALL relevant responses)
14. Which of the following interpretation methods would interest you? (Please tick ALL relevant responses)
15. What would encourage you to use/visit the museum more? (Please specify ALL relevant responses)
16. How useful do you consider the provision of:
  a. Downloadable themed learning resources            
  b. Searchable database of object images and            information            
  c. Phone apps            
  d. Object loans to schools and external organisations              
  e. Outreach workshops in schools led by postgraduate students   (Meet the Scientist       type theme)            
17. Which of the following facilities or services do you think should be provided within the redeveloped Lapworth Museum? (Please tick ALL relevant responses)
18. Have you visited any other University or local museums/collections/galleries? (Please tick all that you have visited)
19. What are the best ways to promote the Lapworth Museum plus other cultural related sites and activities at the University? (Please tick ALL relevant responses)
20. When the museum is redeveloped do you think you would recommend visiting the museum to colleagues, friends and family?
21. Who would you be likely to visit the redeveloped Lapworth Museum of Geology with?
22. How welcoming would you describe the University campus to visitors?
24. Please indicate your gender
25. Please indicate your age category
26. Ethnicity - To which of these groups do you consider you belong to?

Thank you very much for your assistance which will help to inform the redevelopment plans for the Lapworth Museum.

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