Conversion Research

How effective is your marketing? Is your guide / brochure influencing visitors and consumers?

Conversion research is a tool in best value assessment of the marketing function. Find out what’s working, what isn’t and where you should be spending your money to get the best return on your marketing spend. Open up new ideas by listening to the customer, making objective judgements.

The aim of the evaluation is to ascertain the number of visitors to an area as a direct result of a specific campaign. Are you focusing on the right people in the right way? For example, what media channels are the most effective for your target market?

The process of the conversion research includes:

  • questionnaire design – in association with the client
  • provision of reply paid response
  • inputting of data
  • analysis of results
  • interpretation of results – particularly by visit/ intention to visit
  • production of a written report – covering methodology and results.

The final report, containing a breadth of information, means that there is a wealth of valuable material to start informing the decision-making process to inform future marketing vehicles.